I've just found your tumblr, I'm speechless. This is such an inspiration for me as I dislike my body, you've done some amazing job and your self control and discipline in amazing too because let's face it anyone can go to the gym but to keep up them two things up is a challenge itself. You've done so well and you look beautiful!
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Yeah it really is. You can spend 2 hours in the gym and it’s fine, it’s what you do with the other 20 that’s important. Thanks so much :)

Hi I just saw your weight loss results, Well done! I'm trying to lose about the same amount of weight , could you please give me some tips on what you did to lose it and how long did it take you?
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As silly as i sounds, just get out there and be active. If you drive/get the bus walkable distances, start walking, fit in 30 minutes of cardio on a daily basis, just do whatever activity you can. Also, cut out all the bad/processed foods from your diet, stop snacking as much, and replace bad snacks with healthier alternatives.

It took me 18 montsh to get to this point :)

hey, im also on my way to achieve my weight goal and becoming healthier, something i struggle a lot with are notorious stretch marks. how do you deal with deal with them? (ps: sorry for the terrible english) thank you, have a nice week
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I don’t think there’s really anything you can do with them. Sure there’s tons of things out there aimed at fading them, but I think I’ve reached the point now where I can live with them. I used to hate them notoriously, because they’re pretty much all over my body, but after how hard I’ve worked to get myself in this shape, I feel like they’re just a battle wound; they show how far I’ve come, and I can deal with them :)

Your progress is absolutely incredible!! You look amazing x
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What size clothes do you wear now and beforev
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I was a UK 18-20 before and now I’m an 8 :)

Hi ! You probably get this a lot but what was your routine when you lost all that weight ?! Your body is amazing & so was your journey ! How long did that take ?! I'm sorry I have so money questions !
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Hey :) That’s quite alright.

It depends on what part of my journey I was on. In the beginning I started with 30 minutes of cardio 5/6 times a week, then I increased it up to 60, adding basic weight training. I limited my calorie intake to about 1,400/1,500 during that period, and basically stayed off any fast food/anything processed unless I was on cheat days. I also maintained weight from about January this year until June, because I was just going out a lot so ended up overeating, but because I stuck with the gym I managed to maintain. Then when uni was basically over for this year I got stricter with my diet again, and incorporated additional exercise. In total to get to where I am it’s taken 18 months :)

How do you deal with your health issues?

Presuming you’re referring to my PCOS and RA; I think it kinda depends on the day. My PCOS isn’t that much of a big deal anymore, sure I can’t really eat carbs like regular people do, but on a day to day basis that’s not really something that affects me at this point in time. My RA is really difficult, especially because of the time of my life I’m in right now. But I take every day as it comes, that’s what I have to do. Sometimes it gets me really down, especially when I’m having a really bad flare and can barley make it out of bed, but I just get on with it, it’s the only thing I can really do.