How did you lose a hundred pounds and how long did it take

it’s all in my FAQ :)

What kind of exercise did you start out doing? I'm overweight and don't want to start doing really strenuous work outs, any tips for just beginners? X
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Just basic cardio, so light work on the cross trainer, bike machine and rowing :)

Hey! Your blog is such a big motivation to me. I'm currently 4 months into this crazy journey & was wondering if you could answer 2 questions for me: With my fitness pal, how do you stay dedicated to tracking? I usually have no desire to write things down! Also, how did you or do you deal with any negative feelings such as the common "I can't do it". Especially if you had a bad day! Thank you in advance! And thank you for all of this inspiration
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Hey! sure :) to be honest I just found it a fun thing to do at first, I liked to see what I was eating so I could look back at it, maybe see where I’d gone wrong if I stopped losing weight, or if I felt I needed to change up my macros.

If I was having a bad day I sometimes gave in and caved, not going to lie. But I realised that that was okay, I could have days where I ate bad foods and I’d just recover from it, one day isn’t going to make a massive impact. What also kept me going was imagining where I’d be one day, I could see how far I’d come, and I knew if I stuck at it, one day I’d get to where I wanted to be.

hey :) How long did took you to lose weight?

Hey :) it took me 18 months

Heyhey, so if you have myfitnesspal add me as a friend: rrlauren
(and if you don’t, get it. It’s great!)

I've just found your tumblr, I'm speechless. This is such an inspiration for me as I dislike my body, you've done some amazing job and your self control and discipline in amazing too because let's face it anyone can go to the gym but to keep up them two things up is a challenge itself. You've done so well and you look beautiful!
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Yeah it really is. You can spend 2 hours in the gym and it’s fine, it’s what you do with the other 20 that’s important. Thanks so much :)